Counselling Online

Online Counselling is an alternative to face to face counselling and can be used for Couples or Individual Counselling. Online Counselling enables you to access counselling from your own home or for you and your partner to take part from separate locations.

Zoom is a secure communication service. If you are not already a Zoom user I will email a link for you to download. You will then receive a Zoom link prior to your appointment, at the time of your appointment you need to click on the link for us to be connected.

If you are unfamiliar with online communication, I will ensure you receive information in advance of your appointment to be sure you get the best from your session.

Please refer to my pages on Couples Counselling or One to one Relationship Counselling to understand more about the service available

To access online counselling you will need:- An E-mail address, internet access and a computer, laptop or device with a webcam. To Progress with online counselling, you will need to book a one hour consultation online with myself. I normally recommend between six and ten sessions.

Contact me to book an appointment