Couples Counselling

Fairness and equality are close to my heart and underpin my core personal beliefs and professional practice. As a Couples Counsellor, I work impartially and professionally with you both, ensuring you feel equally heard and validated. Checking and responding to your feelings throughout the process creates an equal platform for you both and builds trust, openness and transparency throughout your sessions.

Each and every couple attending Counselling have unique circumstances to explore and resolve. From working with Couples I recognise some frequent themes to these difficulties, as a result I have valuable experience of working with the following:-

Communication difficulties, Conflict and arguments, Affairs or mistrust, Sex and Intimacy difficulties & Separation / Divorce.

It may be that we’re working with the devastation following an affair. Or it may be that we’re working to identify Negative Behavioural Patterns that result in arguments, hurt or hostility. Working with Emotional Focused Therapy techniques we’ll explore beyond these feelings to understand your underlying emotional needs. It may be helpful to draw on the past and how relationships with your parents and previous partners may continue to affect your relationship needs.

Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) is a scientifically proven approach of resolving relationship conflict. Studies show that 70-75% of couples working with an EFT therapist move from relationship distress to recovery during the course of their therapy and approximately 90% show significant improvement.

To progress with Relationship Counselling, you will need to book a one hour consultation with myself. I normally recommend between six and ten sessions.

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