• Kathryn brings warmth and integrity to her couples counselling. She effectively creates a safe and respectful space for clients to be heard.
    Jo Dent , Chief Executive, Relate Mid-Yorkshire
  • Kathryn has a caring and empathic nature, with a natural ability to relate to the diverse needs of clients.
    Joanne Holdsworth PARS Supervisor, Behind Closed Doors (Prevention and Recovery Service), Leeds
  • Kathryn's diligence, professionalism and care for her clients was remarkable, and means that she stood out as a valued and respected couples counsellor, to me, and to her clients.
    Leigh Brannon. Clinical Supervisor Relate Mid-Yorkshire
  • Kathryn demonstrated effective counselling, this is evidenced by clients reporting positive outcomes from their time spent with her.
    Pete Robinson, Director B.R.A.V.E. Project Bradford
  • Kathryn is an experienced counsellor and attentive to good ethical practise.
    Andy Williams, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor The Horsforth Centre, Leeds
  • Kathryn works with various client groups, she’s adept at assessing risk and providing appropriate signposting when necessary.
    Gill Trevor, Director Phoenix Health & Wellbeing, Leeds
  • Kathryn demonstrates an ability to work sensitively with clients who presented difficult, complex and long standing issues.
    Pete Robinson, Director B.R.A.V.E. Project Bradford
  • Kathryn shows a genuine empathy and compassion with clients and has the ability to relate to a diverse range of clients.
    Samantha Durrant, Project Manager, Together, York Pathways