One to one Relationship Counselling

I work collaboratively with you to create a safe environment for you to explore needs, uncertainties and fears. It may be that you're feeling unfulfilled within your relationship, confused, fearful of being on your own or afraid of change and its impact on others.

Each and every person attending counseling has unique circumstances to explore and resolve. I recognise some familiar themes to these difficulties, as a result I have valuable experience of working with the following:-

Fear of loneliness, the devastation of discovering an affair, feelings of constraint or disappointment, trust issues, repeating negative behaviors from previous relationship, feelings of emptiness, loss, rejection, low self esteem, relationship uncertainties, control and fear of partner.

Within Counselling, it may be helpful to draw on your past and how relationships with your parents or previous partners may continue to affect your current relationship needs.

To progress with Relationship Counselling, you will need to book a one hour consultation with myself. I normally recommend between six and ten sessions.

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